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Welcome to our teaching audio catalogue. The talks are by our very own Beresford Job and our aim is to make simple, straightforward and comprehensive Bible teaching readily available to any who want to get hold of it. It's all summed up in Jesus' own words: "Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." (John 8v32)

We wish to emphasise how important it is that everyone hearing these studies test them for themselves against the Word of God, and only accept that which they are fully persuaded in their own minds is actually consistent with it. No man is the oracle of God; least of all Beresford, and teaching must never be accepted in a passive, uncritical or unquestioning way. Should these talks play any part in encouraging people to get into the Word of God for themselves, whether they end up agreeing with the content or not, we shall be well satisfied that they have fulfilled their purpose.

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The Salvation Series
In this series Beresford comprehensively covers the teaching of the Bible on the whole subject of Salvation. Many Christians remain unaware of the sheer scope of what Jesus accomplished through His life, death and resurrection, and the resulting implications. More


The Traditions Series
These talks demonstrate how much Christian belief and practice, especially in regards to church life, structure and government (or ecclesiology, as the theologians like to call it), is not actually based on the Bible at all, but rather on traditions handed down through the ages which originated from wrong teaching given by the leaders of the early church in the years following the death of the original Apostles. More


The Spiritual Gifts Series
These talks aim to sort out the whole fraught subject of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Their nature and practice are thoroughly examined with careful consideration being given to the rules in the Bible which, if heeded, would greatly reduce the risk of error or abuse. More


The Church Life Series
If the Traditions Series highlighted negatives, or how not to be a church, then here Beresford moves on to the positive and demonstrates what the Bible actually does teach about being a church. More


The Communion Series
One of the distinctive features of the church here in Chigwell, given our best efforts to be stringently and comprehensively biblically based, is that we do not have 'communion services' in the usually accepted manner. In fact, we don't have 'services' in any shape or form at all. When we meet as a church we rather share a full meal together, this being what the Bible refers to as the Lord's Supper, the Lord's Table or love-feast. More


The Law and Grace Series
In Romans 6v14 Paul tells us that, as Christians, we are not under law but under grace, and here Beresford establishes precisely what he meant.


The Demonology Series
Much is taught and written today on the subject of evil spirits and the so-called deliverance ministry. However, much of it is far from what the Bible teaches, and is a cause of confusion, and even fear, amongst believers. This series, therefore, aims to clarify precisely what can, and can't, be deduced from the Word of God concerning demons and their workings. More


The General Teaching Series
This Series contains various one-off talks. Firstly, there are straightforward teaching sessions; but secondly, and perhaps more unusually, there are Question Time sessions as well. More


The Expository Series
The tapes in this series are verse by verse expositions of individual books of the Bible. They provide a reasonably in-depth understanding, yet without being so detailed as to necessitate hours and hours of teaching on each particular book. More


The Bible Survey Series
We are especially pleased to be able to make available this latest series in which Beresford gives a talk on every book in the Bible, thereby literally going through the entire Word of God chapter by chapter. More


The Housechurch Conference Series
Beresford is a regular speaker at the annual Southern House Church Conference in South Carolina. The purpose of these gatherings is to explore and teach what scripture teaches concerning all aspects of church life, and this perspective is obviously reflected heavily in the talks here made available in this series. More

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