Much is taught and written today on the subject of evil spirits and the so-called deliverance ministry. However, much of it is far from what the Bible teaches, and is a cause of confusion, and even fear, amongst believers. This series, therefore, aims to clarify precisely what can, and can’t, be deduced from the Word of God concerning demons and their workings.

Beresford clearly demonstrates that there are things believed and taught about this subject which, far from coming from the Bible, are actually a mixture of false presuppositions and information culled from people’s subjective experience, some of which has even come from demons themselves whilst in process of being cast out. We believe that a biblical understanding of demonology is one of the great needs of Christians today and are delighted to offer this series as a small step towards meeting it. We recommend that these talks are heard in conjunction with the two tape set ‘The Spiritual Universe’ (GT 8-9), and the one-off study on ‘The Armour of God’ (GT 45).