Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are you really saying that you are right about church practice and that everyone else in the kingdom of God is wrong? Answer

2. If you advocate just one way of doing church, even though you see it as being the biblical way, aren’t you in danger of being exclusive? Answer

3. What about the dangers of small groups? Don’t we need the safety of larger numbers? Surely big churches with their properly trained leaders are less likely to become deceived or authoritarian than small house churches. Answer

4. Are you saying that church structure is the only thing that really matters and that all you need to do is to get that right? Answer

5. How does church growth and expansionism work in this scheme of things you are pushing? Do you actually want to stay numerically small? Answer

6. How do you respond to the teaching that there are apostles today who have authority over the churches they plant in much the same way the apostles of Jesus did in New Testament times? Answer

7. Why do you keep insisting that churches ought to meet in people’s houses? Won’t anywhere else do? For instance, in America a lot of churches that practice in the way you advocate meet in Christian bookshops and coffee shops that have a lounge area just like in someone’s private house? What’s wrong with that? Answer

8. Why are there there so many nutcases in the house church movement? Answer

9. How can a tiny, ramshackle, spread out collection of house churches possibly compete with the existing infra-structure of traditional churches and the evangelism, missions and good works that they are accomplishing? Answer

10. I keep coming across the phrase ‘rapid church planting’ in many house church circles. What is that all about? Answer