Video Teachings

Biblical Church Life!

What were churches like in the New Testament? What should they be like now? Why have churches been so different for the last 1800 years from what we read in scripture? How can we bring biblical churches into being instead? These and many other vitally important questions are addressed and answered in these videos.

Part 1The Irreducible Minimum For a Biblical Church

Part 2The Tradition of the Apostles

Part 3Church Government and Leadership

Embracing Biblical Truth Biblically: A Challenge to the Error of Mere Doctrinalism!

In their approach to scripture the Early Church Fathers imposed Greek thinking and philosophy on a Jewish book, thereby obscuring the Christian Church’s subsequent understanding of how God’s Word itself asks to be embraced, understood and interpreted. This led to the unscriptural and erroneous idea that biblical truth is to be understood primarily intellectually through the ongoing development of various (contradictory and competing) systematic theologies and doctrinal systems, an approach which scripture itself neither takes nor advocates.

In these talks, filmed at a conference Beresford did in Connecticut, the veil is pulled back in order to reveal how the Bible itself teaches that its truth ought to be ascertained and embraced, as opposed to the Hellenistic (Greek) approach of utilising mere logic and rational systematisation to deduce concepts intellectually on a purely academic and theoretical level. These talks are as foundational and radical regarding how to come to a comprehensive and experiential understanding of God’s Word as Beresford’s teachings on ‘Traditions’ are to understanding church life. In fact, so radical were these talks considered to be that Beresford was both disfellowshipped and publicly denounced by some because of them.

Part 1 The Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth!

Part 2The Triumph of the Truth of the Trinity: the Bible’s answer not only to the equal and opposite errors of Calvinism and Arminianism, but to the error of theological systems in general.

Part 3Grace and Truth: the Biblical Key to Sound Doctrine, and to properly understanding how to apply God’s Word to our lives and therefore live as we ought.

Part 4Embracing Biblical Truth Biblically: Christianity versus Doctrianity!

Part 5A summing up plus a Question and Answer time!