They Call Me Mister Biblical…but I don’t think it’s meant as a compliment!

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Biblical Science Fiction

Letter to Farragut: Majoring on Minors, Babies and Bathwater, the Danger of Exclusivism, and Why Some Christians Don’t Like Us! Oh yes, and don’t forget those Torpedoes!

(As with my earlier ‘Letter to Oglethorpe’ this is based on actual correspondence. The names involved have been changed to protect people’s privacy and some literary adjustments have been made purely for the sake of readability.)

Letters to a Church Planter – In recent years some denominational churches have employed church planters to start house churches as a kind of halfway house for new converts. This obviously has little to do with a return to biblical church practice and everything to do with evangelistic pragmatism. However, in some instances it is backfiring in quite an interesting way, and some of these church planters, having been confronted with what scripture teaches about what churches ought to be like, and having realized the difference between pragmatically based house churches and actual biblical ones, have become more and more convinced that they should only plant the latter, even though it means going against whatever denomination they are sponsored by. This obviously creates some difficult problems for them, and what follows is actual correspondence with one such church planter as he went though the process of realising what his way forward in such regard should be. For obvious reasons I have changed everyone’s names except my own, and have ensured that the identity of the particular denomination involved also remains anonymous.

A Fascinating Debate – This is an actual exchange between our website and someone who wrote in to us. The questions and subject matter were so relevant and helpful that we thought it might be helpful to reproduce it virtually unchanged.

All articles are written by Beresford Job.