Demonology Series Introduction

Much is taught and written today on the subject of evil spirits and the so-called deliverance ministry. However, much of it is far from what the Bible teaches, and is a cause of confusion, and even fear, amongst believers. This series, therefore, aims to clarify precisely what can, and can’t, be deduced from the Word of God concerning demons and their workings.

Beresford clearly demonstrates that there are things believed and taught about this subject which, far from coming from the Bible, are actually a mixture of false presuppositions and information culled from people’s subjective experience, some of which has even come from demons themselves whilst in process of being cast out. We believe that a biblical understanding of demonology is one of the great needs of Christians today and are delighted to offer this series as a small step towards meeting it. We recommend that these talks are heard in conjunction with the two tape set ‘The Spiritual Universe’ (GT 8-9), and the one-off study on ‘The Armour of God’ (GT 45).

What Are Demons DS 1

It may be a surprise you to know that there is actually some controversy surrounding the answer to this important question. However, the biblical answer is simple to ascertain once the temptation of unwarranted speculation is avoided. One of the keys to this whole subject is realising not how much the Bible says about demons, but rather just how little. This talk also concentrates on covering verses which are often mistakenly said to refer to evil spirits. The difference this makes to ones understanding of this subject is really quite profound.

Refuting False Teaching DS 2

The reason this series is so long, given the fact that the Bible does say so little about the subject, is precisely because there is so much false teaching around and so many wrong ideas which need to be explained and refuted in some detail. Beresford here does this with a thorough critique of the teaching of two of today’s most influential and predominant exponents of these errors.

Do Demons Have Names? DS 3

Further false teaching is dealt with in this study which tackles the area of demons names. Beresford’s answer to the question posed in the title of this talk is, “A definite maybe!”, but he doesn’t mean what you probably think he means. (Work that one out then!) Every verse in the New Testament that pertains to the subject of demons is covered in this talk, and whereas that might make for some concentrated listening, it also makes it all the more fascinating. An absolute must for aficionados of biblical demonology!

Is ‘Possession’ a Biblical Concept? DS 4

What does the Bible mean when it talks about people having evil spirits? How do they get in? What do they do once they are in? Can they possess someone? These are the kind of questions clearly answered in this talk. Common misunderstandings are tackled and sorted out, and Beresford deals in some depth with the fact of men and women having God given free-will, and the way in which this relates to the whole area of demonisation.

Deliverance Ministry – Part 1 DS 5

Obvious Demonisation
If part of our calling as Christians is to bring those who have evil spirits in them to freedom, then the question as to how you know if someone does have a demonic problem becomes a pressing one. But whereas the answer to this is actually pretty straightforward, false teaching and wrong ideas once again hopelessly complicate the picture. The problem is that whereas there is a scriptural way to know when there is an obvious instance of demonisation being presented to you, erroneous notions, and some quite daft as well, as to what does constitute a definite symptom of demonic infiltration, are sadly abounding. This talk therefore examines what does, and what doesn’t, constitute a definite indication for the need for deliverance from evil spirits in someone’s life.

Deliverance Ministry – Part 2 DS 6

Discerning Demonisation
It is actually the case that demonisation is not usually the slightest bit obvious at all. After all, if it was then what need would there be for the gift of the Holy Spirit of the discerning of spirits, which is given, in part, for the precise purpose of ascertaining whether someone is demonised or not? That particular gift is here examined in detail, as is the important point that it has an application far wider than merely establishing whether or not individuals have evil spirits. That application may well surprise you, but every Christian does need to know a bit about it.

Deliverance Ministry – Part 3 DS 7

Discerning and Casting Demons Out
In covering the whole area of just how you cast demons out of people, Beresford also answers here the question of discerning demonisation in non-obvious instances. As always there is no ABC or technique as to how to do it: it’s just down to trusting the Lord. So then, how do you cast demons out of people? Are we supposed to send them anywhere? And why is it that we are able to cast them out in the first place? These are the kinds of questions covered here. Beresford shows clearly that, armed with a half decent understanding of the Bible, a good solid walk of obedience to the Lord and a good measure of sanctified common sense, it’s far from the high-powered and theatrical affair some seem to make it out to be. Jesus is, after all, Lord! And demons do, after all, know it!

Behind the Cosmic Curtain: Principalities and Powers! DS 8

Moving away from the specific area of the indwelling of individuals by evil spirits, Beresford now moves on to the much wider sphere of their influence over the whole world of humanity. A dip into the book of Daniel in the Old Testament gives a quite staggering insight as to what is actually going on behind the backdrop of human affairs: a battle that is raging between the Lord, His angels and the hosts of Satan! What can, and can’t, be deduced from the Bible in regards to this is examined, including a thorough look in the New Testament at the teaching of Paul. False doctrines pertaining to these matters are carefully and comprehensively refuted.

Spiritual Warfare – Part 1 DS 9

The Battle for the Mind
The area covered in this study is the nature of the warfare going on behind the scenes, and the way in which the principalities and powers are able to work in relation to men and women. The tie-in between the fallen human nature and Satan is revealed, and the basis of our part in the warfare covered. A picture is here painted in very large brush strokes, and the resulting vista is quite breathtaking. This, as you will discover from the talk, is literally dynamite.

Spiritual Warfare – Part 2 DS 10

The Question of Location
Before entering into battle with an opposing army it really does help to know precisely where that army is, and it is no different with the demonic hordes against whom we are called to do battle either. So where, exactly, are the demons? Where do the principalities and powers actually hang out? Well, believe it or not, the Bible answers these questions for us quite literally, and Beresford lays it out here as clear as a bell.

Spiritual Warfare – Part 3 DS 11

Pulling Down Strongholds
And so we come to the battle itself, and to the subject of the weapons of our warfare. Satan’s strongholds are identified, and the manner of their destruction by us outlined. It’s all about taking away from the devil what God has given to us, and jolly exciting it is too! Yet more false teaching is refuted in the duration of this talk, thereby allowing the glorious truth which shines out of God’s Word in regards to this vitally important subject to be seen in even sharper relief.

A Summing Up DS 12

With the hard work done, and the details safely covered in the previous talks, Beresford here puts the whole thing into one readily digestible, if rather large, mouthful. The complete picture is reduced to a manageable canvas and false teaching pertaining to it given a last quick run through with the Sword of the Spirit. It’s all here, the battle of the ages, with the victory going to the Lord Jesus Christ! On yer bike, Satan! Hallelujah!