Salvation Series Introduction

In this series Beresford comprehensively covers the teaching of the Bible on the whole subject of Salvation. Many Christians remain unaware of the sheer scope of what Jesus accomplished through His life, death and resurrection, and the resulting implications.

Presented in a clear and interesting way these talks answer many frequently raised questions, and clear up some common misunderstandings that arise. From the very Dawn of Human History to the Final Judgement, from creation itself to the eventual destruction and replacing of the universe, the subject is outlined in great detail, yet with sufficient simplicity such that none will find it beyond them to understand. Whether you have been a Christian for twenty years or two weeks – or even if you are not a Christian at all yet – then this series is for you, providing a wealth of biblical understanding and revelation that none should be without.

Below is a link to a PDF chart that lays out in diagram form the ground to be covered:

Salvation Chart

The Bible – God’s Word! SA 1

Starting from the very beginning and taking absolutely nothing for granted, the Bible, the source document for the Christian faith, is shown to be utterly reliable and accurate. If you have any doubts about the Word of God being literally true then this talk will clear them up for sure and give you renewed confidence and trust in it. You will be utterly amazed at just how accurate, even in the area of scientific knowledge, the Bible actually is. A cracking start to the series!

The Great Divide SA 2

The origin of man and the appearance of sin in the world are here examined in detail. The question as to why man is separated from God is clearly answered, and the four-fold barrier, likened by Beresford to a series of electric fences, that was erected as a consequence, is outlined. The opening chapters of Genesis are shown to be entirely historical with the whole edifice of the Christian faith being built upon their literal truth. Without a clear understanding of the part played by Adam and Eve at the beginning of human history the subject of salvation cannot even be begun to be properly grasped.

The Rescuer SA 3

The real question is not, “What is salvation?”, but rather “Who is salvation?”, and this talk shows why only Jesus, as both God and man, could effect the answer to the problem of sin. A clear demonstration of the absolute necessity of His virgin-birth is included, along with the first biblical revelations, which appear as early as the third chapter of Genesis, of the tactics God would use in overcoming Satan’s control of a fallen world. You will also find out who the world’s first converts were and may be surprised, though doubtless delighted, to learn the identity of the very first evangelist who led them into salvation. A fascinating study which will open up new vistas of biblical understanding for you!

Redemption and Ransom SA 4

The first of the four electric fences which stood between man and God was the fact that everybody is a slave to sin through their sin nature. This talk demonstrates how Jesus demolished that particular fence thus leaving the way clear for absolutely anyone to receive salvation. The technical meanings of the terms redemption and ransom are explained and their effect on the devil clearly outlined.

Atonement and Imputation SA 5

Because of the absolute righteousness of God we need, in order to have fellowship with Him, not just the absence of personal sin but the positive presence of an absolute righteousness of our own as well. How this second fence of the Great Divide was dealt with by Jesus is the subject of this fifth talk. What does atonement mean? And what has it got to do with Noah’s Ark? What is imputation all about? By an explanation of the meaning and symbolism of the Old Testament Burnt, Peace and Sin Offerings, and the way in which Jesus became the living fulfilment of them, these questions are straightforwardly and simply answered.

Expiation and Propitiation SA 6

Don’t let yourself be put off by this rather technical sounding terminology – it is simply the terminology used to describe how Jesus demolished the third fence. And whereas the second fence was to do with God’s absolute righteousness, this one concerns His absolute justice, the two together comprising what the Bible terms as His holiness. And the problem of fence number three is that a just God cannot just turn a blind eye to sin but must execute judgement on those who are guilty of it. Therefore, how on earth could salvation ever have happened? As with everything the Lord does it is really rather clever; and because He appreciates how slow of understanding we are as well, it is also very simple.

Regeneration – The New Birth! SA 7

The fourth and final fence bites the dust now leaving the road clear for all who want to know the Lord. This talk explains what being born again means, and how it actually happens to someone. And for those who like perplexing and awkward questions then how does this one grab you: “How do you tell someone with a ‘dead’ spirit that they need an ‘alive’ one when, in order for them to even have the foggiest idea what you are talking about, they need to first have an ‘alive’ spirit?” All is revealed in this fascinating study!

Justification by Faith – An Overview! SA 8

Fitting together everything that has thus far been covered this talk clearly explains the meaning of the biblical doctrine known as Justification by Faith and demonstrates why it is by faith or not at all. An apparent contradiction between the teaching of Paul, and that found in the letter of James, is dealt with showing it to be far from a contradiction, but rather a vital factor in determining what true faith actually is. After all, Satan believes in Jesus, doesn’t he? Faith, then, must be something more than simply that. And just for any fans of Courtroom Drama movies on TV this study ends with an explanation of the most intriguing celestial courtroom drama of all time. Perry Mason never even came close!

Salvation – Past, Present and Future! SA 9

Many Christians think that salvation is only to do with being delivered from eternal separation from God, or from the penalty of sin. However, in this talk Beresford shows how that particular aspect – Justification by Faith – is merely one part of a much wider whole. The sheer comprehensiveness and scope of what God has accomplished through Jesus is here outlined. This talk is sort of a ‘bridge study’ between the first and second phases of the series. I remind you here of the chart mentioned earlier that lays out in diagram form the ground we are covering. The link is below:

Salvation Chart

Sanctification – The Caterpillar Syndrome! SA 10

In this introductory talk to the second phase of salvation, God’s provision for deliverance from the power of sin in the life of the believer, or Sanctification, as it is called, is outlined. Paul’s teaching in the sixth chapter of Romans about being crucified with Christ is clearly explained, and some of the misunderstandings and wrong ideas about it cleared up. Reference is made to Jesus’ allusion to the vine and the branches which, when linked in with Paul’s teaching, makes everything abundantly clear. The ministry of the Holy Spirit regarding this is also covered, and what Beresford calls the Caterpillar Syndrome is shown to be the way forward for us. A vital study!

Through the Wilderness SA 11

The history of Israel’s wanderings through the wilderness on their way to the Promised Land is here shown to be one big historical parable to describe God’s work in our lives as His people. The passages in the letter to the Hebrews about God resting from creation are applied to this in a most interesting way. Also, the Lord’s use of problems and difficulties in our lives in order to bring us to our rest from our attempts at living the Christian life is also explained.

Brokenness – The Jacob Factor! SA 12

Wrestling with God may not be your idea of fun but it does just happen to be a vital part of growing in the Lord. And it might well come as a bit of a shock to discover, as did Jacob – and very much to his own cost too – that it is Jesus Himself Who actually starts the fight. Although this study covers a tremendously serious and important aspect of God’s work in our lives, Beresford nevertheless really did have some fun communicating it. Seconds away!!! Round 2!!!!

Work Out Your Own Salvation – Part 1 SA 13

The meaning of these words written by Paul to the Philippian church is outlined, and the first of the two keys which, when used together, unlock the door to Christian maturity, is also explained. Key number one turns out here to be confession of sin and repentance, and Beresford shows from the Bible what it means to be out of fellowship with God and how to get back in. Wrong ideas about this whole subject are dealt with, and fears will be laid to rest by the teaching contained in this important talk.

Work Out Your Own Salvation – Part 2 SA 14

The second key for opening the door to Christian growth is here shown to be the marvellous truth contained in Paul’s statement in Romans 8v1: “…in everything God works together for good to them that love Him and are called according to His purpose.” Various examples from the lives of believers in the Bible are used to show how even our sin and failure can be the means of God accomplishing His work in us. Despair and hopelessness are countered by this incredibly encouraging talk which has proved to be a tremendous blessing to all who have heard it. Also dealt with is the problem of those who are re-married, having been divorced, and the explanation given as to why there is nothing for them to be concerned about in regards to it. The grace of God is here so powerfully set forth that Satan’s lies will be exposed, and any who are troubled will be restored again to peace and joy.

Judgement of Believers SA 15

Although Christians are delivered from God’s judgement on sin, and therefore its penalty, as a good Father He nevertheless disciplines us because we are now His children. Examples of the various stages which this child-training goes through are shown using the lives of believers in the Bible, along with the way in which we can, by obedience and submission, make our discipleship a little easier in this respect. Of particular interest here is the explanation of the sin unto death, as the King James Version calls it, using the examples both of King Saul and Ananias and Sapphira. Once you learn to differentiate between the various judgements in the Bible you will become less prone to the attacks Satan launches against you with his fiery darts of condemnation and fear.

The Baptism With the Holy Spirit – Part 1 SA 16

The power of the Holy Spirit is essential equipment for every believer, and the Old Testament Feasts of Passover, First Fruits and Pentecost are here shown to point to the significance and importance of the Baptism with the Holy Spirit in the life of the Christian. A survey of the Acts of the Apostles is also used to demonstrate how this baptism is quite distinct from the new birth, and also the way in which the New Testament believers ensured that people received this power as soon as possible after becoming Christians. The teaching in this talk is important stuff!

The Baptism With the Holy Spirit – Part 2 SA 17

This study examines the subjective effect on believers’ lives by being filled with the Holy Spirit. Reference to the biblical symbolism of wind, fire, water and the dove demonstrates the ministry of the Holy Spirit, which is shown to be far wider than just the spiritual gifts He imparts. Ultimately it is to simply glorify Jesus by enabling Him to live through us. The problems of leaking and keeping your feet on the bottom are also dealt with. (Intrigued? Then have a listen!)

Death – And Beyond! SA 18

This talk marks the beginning of the third phase of this series – deliverance from the presence of sin. The Bible’s teaching on what actually occurs at death, and what consequently happens to people immediately afterwards, is traced through from Genesis to Revelation, with the most remarkable scenario you could possibly imagine duly unfolding. Tartarus, Paradise, Gehenna and Hades are all explained, along with information on all the various places and conditions of the dead. A most interesting sidelight on the Garden of Eden emerges as well, and an explanation given concerning the increasing number of people who are having near-death experiences of lights, tunnels and infinite beings and stuff like that. Are they meeting God? Or is it something rather more sinister? A not-to-be-missed talk!

The Rapture – Part 1 SA 19

I Ain’t Got No Body!

This is the first of two studies on the subject of the Rapture and deals with both the nature of the resurrection body, and the timing regarding when various groups of people receive one. The long-standing heresy of Platonism is tackled and its effects on Christian thinking exposed as being the satanic deception it is. The big surprise here though is what happens to unbelievers in regards to this whole area of the Bible’s teaching, and that there is a little understood resurrection which, by the time the process is completed, means that eventually no one at all will be left dead.

The Rapture – Part 2 SA 20

The Church and the Tribulation

There is much confusion today over the question of the timing of the Rapture. Is it before the Great Tribulation, or after it and therefore at the same time as the Second Coming? By examining Old Testament teaching to Israel about Messiah establishing His Kingdom on earth and His personal reign from Jerusalem, and then contrasting this with Jesus’ own teaching in the New Testament, Beresford clearly demonstrates the truth of this controversial aspect of the Bible’s teaching. The belief that the Rapture occurs at the Second Coming entails that the Church will go through the Great Tribulation, but a correct understanding of Scripture shows such a notion to be mistaken. There is no need to be frightened by the teaching going around in some places today that we must prepare for the reign of the Antichrist. Indeed, we won’t even be on the earth at that time!

The Judgement Seat of Christ SA 21

In this talk Beresford reveals where the Church actually will be whilst the Great Tribulation is raging on earth, and precisely what we will all be getting up to. And we shall, in fact, be in Heaven having our works, or service, assessed by the Lord. The nature of this judgement, how it works, and the way in which its outcome will affect us from that moment onwards, are all discussed in detail. The difficult passages in the sixth and tenth chapters of Hebrews, which some maintain indicate that salvation can be lost, are fully dealt with and shown to mean no such thing. Scripture teaches that one day we shall all give an account of our Christian lives and what we have done with them, and it means exactly what it says. This is an important subject, and every believer needs to have a full understanding of this aspect of their future salvation.

A Marriage In Heaven SA 22

At the end of the period of the Great Tribulation, during which the Church is in Heaven, the event of the ages takes place: the marriage of the Church to the Lamb. The precise meaning and significance of this is discussed, and the part that various groups of believers throughout history play in it is demonstrated. Various parables of Jesus which often mystify people, and which sometimes get used to argue that that salvation can be lost, are explained in the light of their ‘end times ‘ context, and thus become quite obvious. This study is an excellent example of the fact that without an understanding of Israel’s unique place in God’s plan, parts of the Bible can seem rather obscure. However, once you have that understanding then many things fall naturally and logically into place.

The Millennium and the Eternal State SA 23

This last study in the section on future salvation describes the thousand-year reign of Jesus on the earth, also known as the Millennium, followed by the Eternal State. The Second Coming issues in the imprisonment of Satan and the establishing of the Kingdom of God, with Jesus Himself reigning personally over humankind from Jerusalem. The nature of the restored earth and its society is analysed along with the part that various groups of believers will play in its government. The final release of the devil is explained, and an understanding of the ensuing Eternal State given. This is mind-boggling stuff indeed! But then mind-boggling is just what we should expect from a God as mighty and as incredible and powerful as the Lord God of Israel. The eternal future we face as believers is finally just too incredible for us to even begin to imagine, but this talk at least gives the tiniest inkling of what the Lord has in store for us throughout eternity.

Can Salvation Be Lost? Part 1 SA 24

If the most important question in the universe is, “Do you have salvation?”, then the second most important one must therefore be, “Can you lose it?” So Beresford now demonstrates quite clearly that you can’t lose your salvation, and that the fundamental nature of what God has done, of what salvation actually is, totally precludes, by very definition, even the very notion. The Bible clearly and firmly teaches that believers are eternally secure and the relevant passages are here duly explained. There is, however, someone who very much wants believers to have doubts about this, and Beresford clearly shows that it is Satan himself in a bid to malign the character of the God he so hates. This talk will calm any fears that you may have about this and restore the sense of security and safety that the Lord desires you to be living in.

Can Salvation Be Lost? Part 2 SA 25

In this last talk of the series Beresford tackles the remaining passages in the Bible which, according to some, teach that salvation can be lost. Jesus’ teaching in John 15 about the branches being cut off the vine and thrown into the fire is covered, as is the blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. Also covered is the content of 2 Peter 2, plus the problem presented by Judas, the betrayer. These scriptures, plus others which cause difficulties to some people, are examined and explained quite clearly. The question of whether or not salvation can be lost is here answered once and for all as this series is brought to its conclusion.