Beresford puts a last few pieces of the jigsaw puzzle in place now in order to fully complete the picture. One is to do with the forward looking aspect of the Lord’s Supper and how the Bible seems to suggest that the eating of the meal somehow comprises a cry for His return – a putting Him in remembrance – and of the day when the whole church throughout time will be together eating with Him at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. Another is a look at the actual cup and loaf that Paul talks about, and the mechanics of what one actually does at the meal in regards to them. This actually highlights something tremendously important concerning unity amongst believers in a church which really does need to be understood. Other bits and pieces are dealt with by way of a general summary, the whole subject being yet another example of how the Christian Church has based much of its teaching and practice on post-biblical tradition, originating from the Early Church Fathers, rather than solely on the Word of God itself.