We now proceed to the first aspect of our responsibility to the world, and that is to preach the gospel. Evangelism is defined and put into its proper context, along with the role each of us must play. Careful account is taken, however, of our differing characters and personalities, and therefore of the different ways in which the Lord uses different people. Cultural identity and the danger of Christian cloning are dealt with, as is the relationship between what we say about the Lord to unbelievers and the way in which we live. The biblical pattern for bringing people into the Christian life is outlined, thus highlighting the woefully inadequate and sub-scriptural evangelistic processes which have sadly become the norm today. Perhaps the most important thing about evangelism, as far as the Bible is concerned, is that it is, by definition, a local church based thing carried out on the assumption that new believers will be brought into churches which are themselves in comprehensive submission to God’s Word.