A Summation TR 5

Beresford chose to call this talk a ‘Summation’ as opposed to a ‘Summary’ due to the fact that it is an American legal term denoting the concluding statements made by opposing counsel in a court case. And this nicely sums up his contention, here outlined, that the Christian church is actually well and truly in the dock’ over these issues, and somewhat without excuse regarding them too. And although fun was had by all during this talk it is not really what one would call a fun subject. We truly are convinced that the issues dealt with in this series, and summed up in this talk, are among the most important that churches face today. God is crying out through His Word for a people who are in obedience to His every known and understood directive, and Beresford therefore pulls no punches in communicating that fact here. Nothing, however sacred it may be considered to be, is here spared from the process of being held up to the light of the truth of the Bible in order to be declared either as being of God, or a deception that must be renounced in obedience to the Lord.

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