The Tradition of the Early Church Fathers – Part 1 TR 3

These studies now move uncomfortably close to home as, having demonstrated the serious error of Israel’s tradition of the elders, Beresford proceeds to show how Christian version emerged. We are introduced to the Early Church Fathers through their own writings, and the uniqueness of their position, that they did not then have the fully compiled New Testament as did the church later on, is explained. Quite understandably in such circumstances wrong teachings began to appear, but the real problem was that they were not corrected once the church did have the entire New Testament at its disposal. And it is precisely those teachings which the Early Church Fathers got wrong that are such a big problem today, because rather than being phased out not only were they retained, they were actually given authoritative and inspired status to boot. By testing the writings of the Fathers against the New Testament, Beresford reveals and explains their foundational error which inevitably became the seed-bed in which their other errors naturally grew.

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