Love God, Neighbour and Yourself SG 13

Taking Jesus’ teaching about the greatest commandment this study demonstrates that without a good and right relationship with ourselves we will never have good relationships with other people. Yet the only way to maintain a good relationship with oneself is by remaining in a good, right and solid on-going relationship with the Lord. The problem, however, is that you can only be in a good relationship with Him in so far as you have a correct understanding of Who He actually is, and therefore of the sort of Person He is as well. Many Christians believe in a God who doesn’t actually exist because they believe things about Him which are simply not true; things, in point of fact, that are quite literally the lies of the devil. These demonic little deceptions are therefore here dealt with in a thorough description of just how lovely, and loveable, to say nothing of absolutely wonderful, the Lord really is. This talk will do you the world of good and should be heard three times a day before meals.

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