Spiritual Gift Series Introduction

These talks aim to sort out the whole fraught subject of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Their nature and practice are thoroughly examined with careful consideration being given to the rules in the Bible which, if heeded, would greatly reduce the risk of error or abuse.

Things are going on in the so-called charismatic movement today which are not only extremely unhelpful but are actually pure demonic deception, and this is because of widespread ignorance of what scripture actually does and doesn’t teach about the subject, and the complete failure to follow the ground rules laid down. For this reason the context of Paul’s teaching about the gifts is fully examined showing clearly the importance placed on corporate fellowship and biblically based church life, mutual accountability and love, and the dangers which arise from the use of the gifts without these safety mechanisms firmly in place. This series is, in effect, an exposition of 1 Corinthians 12 – 14, and should be considered as complementary to the ‘Church Life Series’, being incomplete, and even potentially unbalanced, without it.

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