The Millennium and the Eternal State SA 23

This last study in the section on future salvation describes the thousand-year reign of Jesus on the earth, also known as the Millennium, followed by the Eternal State. The Second Coming issues in the imprisonment of Satan and the establishing of the Kingdom of God, with Jesus Himself reigning personally over humankind from Jerusalem. The nature of the restored earth and its society is analysed along with the part that various groups of believers will play in its government. The final release of the devil is explained, and an understanding of the ensuing Eternal State given. This is mind-boggling stuff indeed! But then mind-boggling is just what we should expect from a God as mighty and as incredible and powerful as the Lord God of Israel. The eternal future we face as believers is finally just too incredible for us to even begin to imagine, but this talk at least gives the tiniest inkling of what the Lord has in store for us throughout eternity.

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