Work Out Your Own Salvation – Part 2 SA 14

The second key for opening the door to Christian growth is here shown to be the marvellous truth contained in Paul’s statement in Romans 8v1: “…in everything God works together for good to them that love Him and are called according to His purpose.” Various examples from the lives of believers in the Bible are used to show how even our sin and failure can be the means of God accomplishing His work in us. Despair and hopelessness are countered by this incredibly encouraging talk which has proved to be a tremendous blessing to all who have heard it. Also dealt with is the problem of those who are re-married, having been divorced, and the explanation given as to why there is nothing for them to be concerned about in regards to it. The grace of God is here so powerfully set forth that Satan’s lies will be exposed, and any who are troubled will be restored again to peace and joy.

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