Salvation Series Introduction

In this series Beresford comprehensively covers the teaching of the Bible on the whole subject of Salvation. Many Christians remain unaware of the sheer scope of what Jesus accomplished through His life, death and resurrection, and the resulting implications.

Presented in a clear and interesting way these talks answer many frequently raised questions, and clear up some common misunderstandings that arise. From the very Dawn of Human History to the Final Judgement, from creation itself to the eventual destruction and replacing of the universe, the subject is outlined in great detail, yet with sufficient simplicity such that none will find it beyond them to understand. Whether you have been a Christian for twenty years or two weeks – or even if you are not a Christian at all yet – then this series is for you, providing a wealth of biblical understanding and revelation that none should be without.

Below is a link to a PDF chart that lays out in diagram form the ground to be covered:

Salvation Chart

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