A Summary and Two Questions LG 6

This talk provides a re-cap of everything that has gone before and crystallises it into one readily understandable and digestible lump. Some loose ends are also tied up by way of answering a couple of questions that naturally arise from the subject matter covered. These pertain firstly to the usefulness of the Old Covenant to us, even though we are dead to it, and secondly to the issue of the relationship of obedience in regards to grace as opposed to obedience in regards to law. Or, to put it another way, is justification – salvation from the penalty of sin – purely by faith, and therefore a matter of grace, but sanctification – salvation from the power of sin – by obedience, and therefore actually a matter of law and not grace at all? The answer is clearly shown to be that everything in the Christian life, sanctification included, is by the grace of God alone through faith in Jesus.

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