The Old Covenant – Law! LG 2

The Error of Legalism
The Mosaic Law is shown to be the fifth of the six covenants in question. Its nature, scope and purpose are defined, followed by a clear demonstration that this is the Law which Paul tells us we are not under. The reasons for this are outlined, as is the uniqueness of this particular covenant amongst all others God has made. Until the actual reason for the giving of this Law is understood, in contrast to the misunderstanding Israel was under, confusion will always surround it. This talk takes care of the error of legalism once and for all. And, just to get everyone going, Beresford goes on record as saying that the Ten Commandments are not binding on Christians in any way at all, having no practical bearing on our lives whatever. Is he, we hear you ask, a heretic after all? You’ll have to wait until the series is completed to find out!

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