The Ministry of the Ephesians 4 Pastor/Teacher CT 6

It is clear from the New Testament that the Lord raises men up with itinerant ministries who can come in from the outside to help and strengthen churches they are not themselves actually part of. This talk homes in on the pastor/teacher and outlines in detail the importance of what his function actually is, Beresford being well qualified to do so, himself having just such a function. However, the New Testament also outlines important safeguards surrounding such ministries, and it is vitally important to understand the basis upon which any such men can be considered as being safe. The so-called ‘house church movement’ is replete with, biblically speaking, completely unqualified men parading themselves as such ministries, yet who do more harm than good precisely because their lives don’t measure up to the standards outlined in the New Testament. The cautionary aspect of this talk will put all who hear it in good stead for protecting themselves from invalid itinerant ministries.

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