Deception in the Church GT 39

In this Question Time someone asked about praying for those who have died in the light of Paul’s comment in 1 Corinthians 15 concerning being baptised on behalf of the dead. Beresford explains what Paul meant and then shows clearly from the Bible that the state of the dead is unalterable and that any idea of praying for them, or of doing anything for them at all, is completely unscriptural. This led to a warning against occult involvement of any kind and a demonstration of how occultism is actually creeping into the Christian Church via the charismatic movement through some of the teachings and ministries which are becoming readily accepted by many believers. Special consideration is given to the danger of current counselling techniques and to the whole Healing of the Memories, or Inner Healing, phenomenon. Also covered, as an example of how Satan tricks believers into occult practice, is the increasing use of holy water in the casting out of evil spirits. The content of this talk is actually quite disturbing, but the sooner the issues it raises are faced the better it will be for the Christian Church as a whole.

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