Praise and Worship GT 33

A tremendously helpful study on the nature and practice of praise and worship in the Bible with clear advice as to how we can all move into a greater freedom in this area! Desmond Morris wasn’t the first to draw attention to the subject of body language, or people-watching as he calls it, because the Word of God beat him to it by a few thousand years: and nowhere is this seen more clearly than in the understanding we can gain from the Scriptures on this subject. The Bible shows us how, by using our bodies, we can actually experience a greater control over our emotions and inward mental condition. Hang-ups and inhibitions are squarely faced and dealt with, and Beresford sends out a heart-felt plea that all pressure techniques, along with all forms of public coercion, be completely halted. This talk will be of tremendous benefit to both the freest, and most inhibited, of believers.

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