Baptism GT 17

This talk was given at an actual baptism and shows its absolute necessity, as soon as possible, after becoming a Christian. The practice of the early churches in the Acts of the Apostles is studied in detail and shown to be very different from current practice, be it amongst Anglicans, for example, at one end of the spectrum, or Baptists and the like at the other. Beresford therefore makes a strong plea for a return to biblical practice and for the renunciation of anything that is merely human tradition, whatever that particular tradition may be. The significance of baptism is explained, not only in it’s relationship to dying and being raised with Christ, but also to being baptised into the body of Christ by the Holy Spirit and then being baptised with the Holy Spirit by Jesus. The Bible teaches more than one baptism and getting them mixed up leads to endless confusion. This study will guide you simply and clearly through this vitally important subject.

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