Is the Bible Biblical? GT 43-44

Behind the rather cryptic title of these two talks which follow lies one of the most important questions that any believer could ask of themselves: Just what should our attitude be towards the Bible, according to the Bible itself? Beresford answers this thoroughly and demonstrates the way in which many Christians today are actually putting themselves at variance with God’s Word over certain issues, and largely because of a refusal to interpret the Bible in the way in which it clearly shows us it should be interpreted. The teaching of both Jesus and the Paul the apostle is examined in detail, and the way in which they viewed the Scriptures ascertained, and it is shown to be quite undeniable that they are a million miles away from the somewhat casual and compromising approach that seems to have become the norm amongst believers today. We are of the firm opinion that the content of this talk is absolutely vital, and pray that God will use it to unmask the deception within the Body of Christ which is so much hindering the Lord as He seeks to move amongst His people.

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