Religion and Psychology GT 41

The issue raised in this Question Time session was that of the difference between Christianity and religion. A definition of each was duly given which led on to Beresford demonstrating the way in which beliefs held prior to conversion, be they religious or otherwise, can be carried over into our discipleship and Christianised. It is largely in this way that the spirit of the age, the world’s wrong beliefs, philosophies and practices, infiltrates the Christian Church leading believers into deception. Indeed, this is why absolutely everything must be tested by the Word of God and why absolutely nothing can be taken for granted. Among various examples given of this happening today the major one in this talk is the way in which Christians have increasingly accepted the tenets of modern psychological theory and adapted them into counselling practises and techniques which are completely anti-scriptural. The so-called ministry of Inner Healing, or Healing of the Memories, is nothing more than modern in-depth psychology, and is based on presuppositions and theories about the nature of man which are at complete variance with the teaching of the Bible. This talk also clearly explains why much modern psychology can’t even really be considered to be scientific at all, being more akin to a religion than anything else, and with strong similarities to occultism. There was some animated reaction in the meeting to this talk and some will find its contents controversial, but we nevertheless make it available to you.

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